Product Training Specialist


We are seeking a dynamic and highly skilled Product Training Specialist to join our team. As a Product Training Specialist, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and delivering comprehensive training programs to educate our internal teams and external customers about our products and services. You will play a crucial role in ensuring that our stakeholders possess the knowledge and skills required to effectively sell, support, and utilize LumenCache ReNetA.


  • A passion for Everything LumenCache. The mission, the products, the people
  • Collaborative and team-oriented mindset with the ability to work effectively with cross-functional teams
  • Excellent presentation and communication skills, with the ability to convey complex information in a clear and concise manner
  • Ability to quickly grasp technical concepts and explain them in non-technical terms
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the challenges Home Builders or the Commercial Construction industry face and how LumenCache helps solve their challenges
  • Experience in developing and delivering training programs using various mediums, including in-person and virtual settings
  • Proficiency in using training authoring tools, learning management systems, and multimedia apps and tools including popular social media platforms
  • Strong knowledge of instructional design principles and adult learning methodologies
  • Strong organizational and time-management skills, with the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Analytical mindset with the ability to measure training effectiveness and identify areas for improvement
  • New graduates with construction and technical experience can apply


  • Product Knowledge Expert: Gain a deep understanding of our products, features, benefits, and value propositions to effectively convey their capabilities to trainees
  • Develop Training Programs: Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including product managers, subject matter experts, and instructional designers, to create engaging and effective training programs for both internal employees and external customers
  • Training Material Creation: Design and produce training materials such as presentations, videos, e-learning modules, and other resources that align with the training objectives and meet the needs of diverse audiences
  • Conduct Training Sessions: Deliver engaging and interactive training sessions through various channels, including in-person workshops, webinars, virtual classrooms, and on-demand training platforms
  • Needs Assessment: Identify the training needs of different user groups, including sales teams, customer support representatives, and end-users, through surveys, feedback analysis, and collaboration with stakeholders
  • Trainee Evaluation: Assess trainee performance and provide constructive feedback to ensure knowledge retention and application of skills
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with internal teams to gather feedback on training program effectiveness, identify areas for improvement, and incorporate updates accordingly
  • Product Documentation: Assist in creating and updating product documentation, including user manuals, FAQs, and knowledge base articles, to support training initiatives
  • Continuous Improvement: Stay updated with industry trends, product updates, and advancements in training methodologies to enhance the effectiveness of training programs continuously
  • Relationship Management: Build strong relationships with key stakeholders, including product managers, sales teams, and customer support teams, to understand their training needs and provide ongoing support

Why this is a great job

We're on the runway and ready to launch.  LumenCache started far too early, but has resiliently survived. Through this experience, we gained the deepest insights into the needs of the industry and exactly what was needed to unlock this game-changer.  From this solid foundation, we are completing the generation 2 products in 2023 that is the culmination of 10 years of deployment of the highly successful Proof-of-Concept LibRE product, originally named "Legacy".

Our Products

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What We Offer

This is a Contract-to-Employee position.  ReNetA is a profitable product and further growth and development costs are covered by margin, not VC with a clock. As such, this position starts as a contract role to help us start working together immediately and within our current resources, with the goal of employment and full team member assuming both parties agree with the direction each is heading.  Ideally, we're seeking a long-term relationship, but will be happy with a super-talented "gig" member too. 


Salary range for this position is:
$52K – 85K USD*


Eligible for an annual discretionary bonus


This is a Contract-to-Employee position


Work closely with the founder and product development team

* Compensation within the range will be dependent upon the individual's skills, experience, qualifications and location, and applicable employment laws.

Equal Employment Opportunity:

We are committed to equal-employment principles and are dedicated to diversity and the strength it brings to the workplace. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to age, race, color, national origin, gender (including pregnancy, childbirth or medical condition related to pregnancy or childbirth), gender identity or expression, religion, physical or mental disability, medical condition, legally protected genetic information, marital status, veteran status, military status, sexual orientation or any other protected category or class that may be applicable.  

Additional Benefits:
Employees will enjoy a full suite of benefits when we complete our funding round.

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